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Expertise in mortar machinery

Bremat is specialised in the development and production of fully automated mobile installations, especially built for the mixing and pumping of conventional (semidry) floor screed and self levelling floor screed. Furthermore Bremat offers solutions for the production and pumping of several mortars, including foam concrete and EPS insulation mortars.


Optimal service possibilities

After delivery of the installation it is important that you can count on optimal service. After the delivery of every installation, the machine will be instructed to your employees during an on-the-job training. Due to the user-friendliness of Bremat installations, almost every user can work independently with the machine after just one day of training and instruction.

If technical malfunctions may occur, both home and abroad, you can always count on the necessary technical support. With this we stand by short lines of communication and fast contactability. By means of a data connection with a modem or with the ScreedFleet system it is even possible to facilitate technical assistance over a greater distance. With The ScreedFleet system a Bremat service employee can for instance make a full error report directly available, after which the right diagnoses can be quickly made.


Furthermore the several Bremat dealers and service partners have well trained service technicians with fully equipped service vans at their disposal. If required, they can solve a malfunction on the building site. Due to this, there is always a possibility to have your installation available within the near future. Furthermore Bremat always has a large stock of spare parts at their disposal, which can often be delivered within 24 hours in the whole of Europe. Like this we see too that unforeseen break down time is decreased to a minimum and you ca be assured of an optimal usability of your Bremat installation.


Certified quality

The fully automated mortar installations from Bremat comply with the most important quality and safety requirements. We are not the only one that shares this view, but this is also confirmed by many international testing and certification organisations. The fully automated mortar installations from the Bremat F-series and S-series are produced, according to the European machine directives. This was inspected and certified by inspection organisation Aboma Keboma. Bremat has developed in cooperation with her semitrailer-supplier a number of semitrailer chassis configurations, which form a perfect combination with the installations of Bremat. Quality and safety inspection and certification body TÜV has tested the several configurations and for this, even an EC Type approval was granted.


This makes it possible to register your Bremat installations in every EU member state without any problems. For the assembly of the installations, Bremat only uses high-grade products and parts. The special Bremat semitrailer chassis is for example equipped with Wabco air suspension and an ABS brake system, Tridec steering system, BPW axles and Continental tires. By working closely together with prominent producers like John Deere, we are capable of offering our customers reliable drive mechanisms, which are perfectly attuned to our automatic installations.