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Bremat ScreedFleet

The Bremat ScreedFleet system offers you the possibility to overlook several current data of your fully automated mortar installation, wherever and whenever you desire (internet access necessary). The system provides insight in the total process of transportation and production at any given time and place.


Fully automated production

The fully automated mortar installations from Bremat use a computercontrolled operating system for weighing and dosing the several desired materials.




Datalog system

Because these materials are weighed, mixed and pumped on a fully automatic way, the homogeneity of the mortar is guaranteed. Coincidentally, all specific details of the production process are registered.


Remote access

By integrating the Bremat ScreedFleet system into the operating system of the mortar installation, several data are transferred through a satellite connection and can be accessed  with a personal login-code on the Bremat ScreedFleet website.


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