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Lots of BREMAT news during the “Afbouw Vakdagen” Trade Show


On November 8 & 9, 2023, BREMAT will be present at the Afbouw Vakdagen in the Evenementenhal in Gorinchem (NL).

I-MIXFull Electric 185 kWh

The entire construction industry faces an enormous challenge in working towards emission-free construction. With emission-free construction we cannot avoid the use of electric construction equipment.

With the new I-MIX concept, BREMAT offers screed companies the opportunity to produce fully automatic, emission-free floor screed mortar for no less than 6 hours without an electrical connection.

Although electric construction machines are now even more expensive than traditional diesel-powered construction machines, they do provide screed companies with an advantage. For example, the screed companies that invest now in a sustainable and environmentally friendly production solution will soon have an advantage over the companies that wait longer.

What is involved in a transition from diesel-powered construction machines to hybrid drives or fully electrically powered construction machines? What are the possibilities? What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? There are many different scenarios and questions that still need to be answered. During the “Afbouw Vakdagen” Trade Show we will be happy to look at your situation with you and tell you everything you want to know about electric construction machines and hybrid solutions.


Fully automatic production of fine concrete, foam concrete and self-levelling screed from dry materials and pumping of these materials with one machine. These were the starting points for the development. The development of this has been going on for many years and is now in the final phase. During the “Afbouw Vakdagen” Trade Show we will show our prototype that has been built to carry out various practical tests in the foreseeable future. If the practical tests are passed successfully, it can be decided to include this new machine concept as a production model in our delivery program.

If you don't have tickets for the Afbouw Vakdagen 2023 Trade Show yet, register quickly via this link.

Estrich Parkett Fliese Messe (EPF) busy, successful and pleasant.

JUNE 2023

Busy, successful and pleasant were the conclusions of the Trade Fair Team after the 12th edition of the EPF Exhibition in Feuchtwangen (D).

During 3 days we received numerous customers, potential customers and other contacts from 12 countries. For interested visitors there was plenty to see and the necessary information to gather at the BREMAT exhibition stand.


I-MIXFull Electric  Fully automatic mobile mortar installation powered by a 185 kW battery pack. Almost 6 hours of production without a power connection. The battery pack can be charged during production via 16A/32A power connection for extra production time.

I-MIX Model 2024  A new machine model that will replace the current F- and S-Series models next year. With the new Mixed Intelligence concept it is possible to easily put together your most ideal mortar installation in just 5 steps.

Plunger pump After many years of testing and modification, the new production model plunger pump was presented. With this pump you are able to produce and pump self levelling screed with a capacity of ca. 18.5 m3 per hour (depending on material, pump distance and pump height). In addition to increased productivity, minimal wear and low maintenance costs ensure a lower cost price per m3.

Control program In the new I-MIX Full Electric BREMAT introduced a completely new and in-house developed control program. The simple and clear touch screen control panel provides all necessary information that is important for the use and service work of the machine. The functions availability depend on the login level to avoid any risk of improper use. With the new control program you have unlimited reporting functions for generating reports on material consumption and alarm overviews.

Last Tuesday, the commercial team started processing all applications. We expect that we have processed all applications and providing all visitors the desired information at the end of next week.

The BREMAT Team would like to thank all visitors for visiting our exhibition stand.

If you have any questions about the above innovations, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by telephone on number +31 73 614 9494 or by E-mail:

WORLD FIRST *** 185kW Full Electric ***

JUNE 2023

Restrictions regarding harmful emissions and noise apply to more and more construction projects.

With the development of the I-MIX concept, BREMAT introduces fully automatic mobile mortar installations via a completely new generation of “Mixed Intelligence” that make it possible to produce completely emission-free floor screed. Via a unique 5-step plan you can easily put together the mortar installation that suits you best. Read more about “Mixed Intelligence” solutions in our new brochure.





MAY 2023

Van 22 t/m 24 juni 2023 wordt op het terrein van de Bayerischen BauAkademie de 12e editie van de EPF gehouden. Deze beurs is al decennia lang “The Place to be” als je affiniteit hebt met dekvloeren, parket en/of vloertegels.  Al sinds 2008 is BREMAT vaste exposant op dit evenement en ook deze editie zal ons team weer aanwezig zijn.

Besides various smaller novelties, we will introduce a real world first for the 2nd time within a year. While enjoying a snack and a drink, we would like to tell you all about our new developments.

Our trade fair team is looking forward to your visit with great interest


April 26, 2023

Chrono Chape Srl. is a French logistics service provider specialising in "on site" production and delivery of various liquid mortars such as calcium sulphate and cement-based floor screeds as well as foam concrete. BREMAT and Chrono Chape have maintained a good cooperation for 10 years, in which high quality, good service, knowledge sharing and mutual trust form the basis. Since 2013, Chrono Chape has added exclusively new BREMAT S-Series installations to its fleet.

60 new BREMAT installations!

The 60th new BREMAT S3.17-2ST installation is the latest from an order of ten units. Earlier, eight S3.17ST installations and another S3.17-2ST were delivered to Chrono Chape in recent months. The new S3.17-2ST are fully automatic mobile mortar installations with a sand compartment and 2 binder compartments. These installations are used for the production and pumping of self-levelling cement-based floor mortar. Both machines are also equipped with a fully automatic powder dosing system for special additives.

That Chrono Chape SRL. from Longeault chose BREMAT is a logical choice within the company. Over the years, this French expert in supplying high-quality floor screeds in any quantity has been a major customer of BREMAT.


APRIL 2023

Last week we were pleased to deliver the 5th BREMAT S3.15XL fully automatic flow mortar installation to MFC MORFICO s.r.o.from Tišnov (CZ).

The first contacts between BREMAT and Morfico go back to 2011 and the first BREMAT installation was ordered in 2012.

MFC Morfico s.r.o.

The company was founded in 1991 as a construction company specialising in the surface treatment of industrial concrete floors and surfaces. They applied their rich experience gained abroad in developing their own materials from domestic raw materials, which guarantee high quality and productivity.

With the deployment of their 5th BREMAT machine, MFC Morfico is the leading supplier of liquid floor mortars for the Czech market.


April 20, 2023

Thursday the 20th of April 2023 is the day for entrepreneurs from the flooring sector to exchange knowledge, view novelties and make new contacts. BREMAT will be also be present this year. You can find us in the outdoor area, opposite the main entrance.

Let's go electric!

We recently delivered the first dual drive (hybrid) machine. This makes BREMAT the first manufacturer to develop a fully automatic mobile sand-cement floor screed installation, that can be driven both fully electrically (380v/32A/63A) and via the truck's PTO. A highly flexible solution and a good step towards emission-free construction.

As the market leader in mobile floor screed installations, we are at an advanced stage with new development of "ZERO Emission" drive technology. Cleaner, quieter and climate-conscious work will soon be possible on every construction site.

At the NOA Vloerendag, we will be happy to inform you about the possibilities and advantages.

About the trade show

The NOA Vloerendag will open at 13:00 and last until approx. 19:00, followed by drinks. The NOA-Afbouwcentrum is located at De Smalle Zijde 20A in Veenendaal, Netherlands


MARCH 2023

March 14, 2023, the first new BREMAT L3.20 fully automatic foam concrete plant was commissioned by Betonpompen Friesland BV. Besides the F-Series (semidry floor screed), S-Series (self-levelling floor screed) and P-Series (EPS insulation mortar), BREMAT has further expanded its standard delivery programme with the introduction of the new L-Series (foam concrete). The plant is built on the familiar 3-axle trailer chassis and, in addition to a closed binder compartment of 20m3, it also has an integrated water tank of 20m3. The installation is equipped as standard with a BREMAT SG400 hydraulically driven fully automatic foam generator. This installation enables the user to flexibly supply high and homogenous quality foam concrete in both small and large quantities.

The in-house developed foam concrete control programme can be infinitely controlled in a production and pumping capacity of 4-45m3 per hour. In mid-2023, the L-Series will be expanded with the L5.20, a foam concrete plant suitable for mounting on a 5-axle truck chassis.



November 3, 2022 the world's first Dual Drive / Hybrid fully automatic mobile sand-cement floor screed installation was delivered to Strack Vloeren in Utrecht.

This installation is a pilot project, with initial discussions having already started in early 2021.

The new installation was realised in close cooperation between our engineering department and the client. In addition to the entire Dual Drive technology, a completely new software programme was developed by BREMAT. The installation is equipped with a new large LCD touch screen control panel. A 63A power connection allows for full electrical production and pumping. Where there is insufficient electrical infrastructure, the installation can run on the diesel engine in the familiar way. 

Meanwhile, we have further expanded the delivery programme in the F-series (semidry floor screed) with a trailer version F3.20E Dual Drive/Hybrid.

F5.20E Dual Drive / Hybrid system for Strack Floors



In 2016, a prototype of the BREMAT B80 plunger pump was first shown on the world stage during the BAUMA in Munich. After 5 years of carrying out several practical pilot projects at various customers in Europe, this plunger pump is now in series production.

The BREMAT B80 plunger pump was specially developed for pumping self-levelling floor screed and, in addition to a high pumping capacity, also ensures an extremely low wear pattern, minimising costs and downtime. Depending on the usual wear pattern of a stator/rotor pump, by using a new BREMAT piston pump you will in many cases achieve a "return on investment" situation after only 2 to 3 years.

The B80 piston pump can be supplied ex-factory as standard on all our S-Series models and can also be combined with an SG400H automatic foam generator for foam concrete production. According to practical experience, depending on the composition of the self-levelling floor screed in question and the construction situation, a B80 piston pump can achieve a production and pumping capacity of up to 18 m3/hour.



The fiftieth BREMAT machine for Chrono Chape Srl. was delivered at the end of February.

The new machine, an S3.17T fully automatic mobile self-levelling floor screed installation assembled on a 3-axle semi-trailer, is part of an order of 10 new machine, which are deployed throughout France for production and delivery of self-levelling floor screed.

Normally BREMAT machines are delivered ex-works 's-Hertogenbosch (NL), but for this special occasion it was decided to deliver this machine personally in France. Chrono Chape's recognisable corporate advertising was slightly adapted by BREMAT for this special machine. "After all, it is a machine with a golden edge. We are proud to have been business partners for many years. Supplying fifty machines to one client in our industry is unique," said Bart Nijhoff, commercial manager of BREMAT Holland BV.

"We make high demands on our drivers/operators. Then it is crucial that as a company you are also appealing and work with beautiful and durable material," Cedric Dupuy owner of Chrono Chape Srl. based in Genlis, France, told us.

His wife Anne-Lise Dupuy goes on to say; "Our operators are very enthusiastic about BREMAT. They are reliable and easy to operate machines. We made our choice of BREMAT at the time based on quality and good after-sales service. The people at BREMAT listen to our needs and make specific adjustments where necessary. They support us to arrive at the best solution".

The good relationship between BREMAT Holland BV and Chrono Chape Srl. was again underlined shortly after the delivery of the 50th BREMAT installation by a the conclusion of a new agreement for the delivery of 8 new S3.17T machines. These machines are scheduled for delivery in Q4-2022 and Q1-2023.